iTunes is one of the most loved music community having thousands of followers all over the world. Covering more than 90% of share, itunes is giant in premium music industry. Most of the itunes lovers may not be able to purchase the music they love because of high prices, so there is a good news for them. Here we will provide them free itunes codes. These codes are collected from all over the web as well from vouchers and gift cards from Apple itself.

Select the amount for which you want free codes:

Our algorithm along with our team continuously mine codes from web and filter out the already used itunes codes. All used codes are removed from the database and fresh codes are added soon after detection.

Note: This inventory of code is also collected from the users. If you have any code you can donate here by going to contact us page.

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Updates and bug fixes:

Update 20th Aug 2013:

We have launched the latest itunes code generator 1.6.0 and update its algorithm so as to increase the accuracy.

Update 2nd Aug 2013:

iTunes generator updated 1.5. 8 and windows 8 bugs are fixed.

Update 23rd July 2013:

Minor updates and bug fixes to the generator.

Update 3rd July 2013:

Free iTunes codes generator is launched for Android platform.

Update 17th April 2013:

Mac iTunes generators bugs fixed and released.


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